Max’s one year birthday party



Andrea and Brian just aren’t any old clients- they are friends. They came to me for their wedding in 2010 via another set of my favorite clients and we hit it off right away. It’s very rare to find a couple both sweet and generous… and so in LOVE.

They’ve been having me come up to Champagne, Tuscola and Chicago for their life milestones. It’s a huge honor when someone asks me to travel to them instead of picking someone local.


The party was at Bubbles Academy in Chicago. Andrea chose a Garden/Bunny Patch theme complete with Peter Rabbit gift bags and carrot cake.

Max loved grabbing the balloons. Grandpa loved grabbing Max!


He had a little felt crown, and was dressed in bright pink pants and a bow tie. So fancy that Mom only let him get his wee little fingers in the cake and nothing more!

The Academy had a playroom bigger than a basketball court, with tons of big climbing toys and nice, soft carpet.

The walls were covered in floor-to-ceiling murals.

Which is faster, the tortoise, the hare, or the toddler?

Dads got in on the fun too. She’s almost flying higher than the duck!

Max goes with his Mom to ‘wiggleworm’ classes, where he gets to dance and sing songs. He was moving and grooving during song time, bobbing up and down with his arms waving around.

They were led in an acoustic Edie Brickell-ish rendition of familiar nursery songs. She was really fun and the kids loved her.


Instruments of all types were brought out to bang and rattle.

Then the most fun- the giant parachute! Moms and Dads held the corners lifting it up and down while the kids ran around underneath.

Grandpa kept himself busy doing his grandfatherly duties.

“Happy birthday little Max, happy birthday to you!”


Saving some for later…

Even the hardest partiers need to nap sometime.

Brian and Andrea congratulating themselves on a job well done. The party went off smashingly thanks to Andrea’s great planning and Bubble Academy’s team of facilitators.

I can’t wait to see you both in August! Happy birthday Max!


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