Everlie and Benny

Everlie and Benny had their second year-in-the-life installment this past week. Everlie’s birth country is Korea and her birth family sent her and Benny some adorable traditional Korean outfits. So cute!

Everlie is teething. Mom kindly swabbed on some gum-numbing cream, which Everlie found to feel quite odd!

Benny shows off his stylin’ car.

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  • Caitlin - These are gorgeous – they have a really classic feel to them – I was just looking at photos exactly like that second one in an antique store the other day – this is so timeless looking!  I love it.ReplyCancel

  • Cherie Irwin - Hi Michelle!  I’ve just discovered your Rockin’ Blog!  You may remember me from Guitar Hero at CMAX’s Studio…I was the girl that stinks at video games, but I think that I get props from trying.  Anyway, I love baby photography even more than wedding photography, and when I saw the great big giant bow in Everlie’s hair, I just had to comment.  Your work is beautiful, and it appears to continue evolve into something more special with each post.  You are a true artist.  Whether it be with a paintbrush or pixels, you have amazing vision. ReplyCancel

  • Benny, Everlie and Delaney | Under Grace Photoblog - […] Delaney! She’s a new addition to the Cope home,  Everlie’s birth sister adopted from Korea. She’s all cheeks and giggles. Geri and Eric, Delaney’s mom and dad are passionate […]ReplyCancel