What’s in a name? Why I call my company Under Grace


A lot of people ask me, “Michelle, why did you pick the name Under Grace Photo?”. I have found that one of the secrets of a happy marriage and family is extending to each other a blanket of Grace, just as God has given grace to us.  love things like forgiving faults, extending kindness, and loving each other just as you are. Being Under Grace is a very vulnerable place that I hope we can all find ourselves in. It’s a wonderful place I revel in daily with my God and it brings freedom.


I like to show the beauty in imperfection, in hugs so hard they squish your cheeks, in laughs so loud they hurt your sides.I believe in capturing intimate, raw moments. You can come as you are when you are Under Grace, you are not ‘too fat’ or ‘too awkward’ to have your joy documented. Your smile makes you beautiful and your joy is all I care about.


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