simple sauteed sweet potato

The best food is fresh and simple, and this recipe is both. It was prepared for my by my sister two years ago in San Francisco; making it summons memory after memory of the carefree and openly endearing demeanor of those who called it home, the culture of a city where anything was possible, and delicious market after market of food (avocados three for a dollar!!? Heaven!).

Start with a sweet potato. I usually choose a big one. Peel it.

Cut it into chunks. It doesn’t matter how big, as long as they are all the same so they cook evenly.Get thee a pepper. As hot or as wimpy as you like.

Chop thy pepper into tiny bits.

Put a small amount of olive oil into a medium hot skillet (cast iron is great) and sautee. Don’t stir it around too much- you want the sides of the potato to get a little golden.

Or black. That’s cool too.

Pour enough water into the skillet to cover the potato chunks, cover and simmer.

While it simmers down, I like to crush up some almonds to add some crunch to the final product.

A meat tenderizer is pretty good for this- but the flat end, unless you want to bang holes into your towels.

And here is a picture of my lunch. Salt liberally, and add toppings as you like. I really like almonds and Parmesan cheese. Bon appetit!



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