Kuperschool was an incredible experience. I felt many of Anna’s talking points reinforced the Greater Lesson I was learning during the whole trip away- be genuine, maintain your body, soul and mind so you can be of greater service to others, and embrace/form community.

Anna asked us to remember a time as a child when we got lost in creative process. My dad used to bring home heavy stacks of used printer paper. You might remember the kind with the tear-off sprockets and white and blue highlighting? I would spend hours upon hours coloring on my endless supply of printer paper. It wouldn’t have meant more to me if he had brought home the same weight in dollar bills. That stack of printer paper made me feel so rich.

The next day, just as if God decided to give me a present, I found a stack of printer paper among the free section at Scraps. I was rich all over again, thirty years later.

The workshop was held at South Beach in San Francisco, right next to the baseball stadium.

From left to right: Anna , KateJane,Morgan, and Erin Beth.

The risks we must endure for perfection.

Anna loves dogs. Frankie was especially adorable. Doesn’t he look like Snuggles the Bear?

We had a live shoot where we could observe, shoot, or do both.

She then gave an example of her editing process in real time.

…..and then treated us to some yummies at Gordon Biersch. I’m getting weak in the knees just thinking about those Garlic Fries.

Happy Birthday Monika!

Erin Beth in action….

This might just have to hang over our fireplace.