Kelli and Thomas | The Palladium, STL

Venue: Palladium

Catering: Butler’s Pantry

Cake: La Patisserie Chouquette

Event Planner: Events Luxe 

Event Designer: Parties and Props

Floral design: Belli Fiori

Linen: Wildflower Linen 

Lighting: Exclusive Events

This wedding was spectacular. Tiffany and Amanda outdid themselves on this event and you will love to see the pictures!

From Tiffany:

“24 crystal chandeliers installed inside, 4 giant custom draped chandeliers perfectly match the linens, 20 black lantern chandeliers outside in the tented cigar lounge, 13 custom-made linens and custom table cap, 5,000 real crystals on the cake, 700 handmade paper flowers made up a custom escort card wall and photo backdrop, and 5 happy girls on the EL staff. And the party is still going strong!”

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Kelli says: “The getting ready process was so relaxing; we had mimosas, we told stories about our relationship, got our hair and

makeup done. The boys spent time together on our back porch until they started getting


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Kelli says: “When I first met Thomas I thought he was the most incredible man. He was so caring,

genuine and one of his true passions in life was making other people happy. Since

Thomas was living in the Bahamas and I was in St. Louis I knew it would almost be

impossible for a relationship to ever happen. When I left the Bahamas after that trip I

knew I had to see him again or at least stay in touch. When I got home I told the rest of

my family and friends that I was going to marry someone like Thomas one day because

every women deserves to experience that kind of love and happiness he portrays. After

coming up with a couple clever reasons as to why I needed to get in touch with him I was

finally able to get his email address. After a couple months of emailing. We received the

best news ever that Thomas was actually going to be moving to St. Louis to continue his

pilot schooling. After he moved to St. Louis we were inseparable and were engaged five

months later.”

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” We were introduced through my aunt (Judy) and uncle (Harry). Thomas was currently

working in Cat Island, Bahamas as a boat captain and pilot. My aunt and uncle have a

place in the Bahamas and so my parents and I decided to take a trip to visit them. I had

no idea my life was going to be completely changed after that vacation.”

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I think she looks like Jessica Simpson! You are so pretty Kelli!

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“We got engaged on Cat Island, over the Christmas holiday in 2013. Judy and Harry were

still in the Bahamas so a group of 12 of my family members decided to go visit them. On

the night we got engaged we were all on the boat dock and we were getting attacked by

mosquitoes. Thomas could see how miserable I was and asked if I wanted to take a ride

down to the beach. I was like sure, anything to get me away from these bugs. Once we

got to the beach he asked if I wanted to get out of the car and look at the sunset and

while it was a beautiful sunset why would I want to do that after all we were trying to

escape the bugs. However, I decided to get pass the bug issue and we walked out onto

the sand. Before I knew it he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. ”

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“Before I could say anything he said, “don’t move.” At that point I realized he had dropped the ring

in the sand. As the sun continued to set on this remote island with no lights around I was

beginning to worry we would never find the ring. This ring also had sentimental value

because it was the first diamond my dad ever gave my mom so we were determined to

find it. After what felt like an hour, Thomas stick his arm one more time in the sand and

then miraculously pulled out the ring. As soon as I saw it he put it on my finger right away

and I said yes.”

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“Our photographer Michelle Ross was amazing to say the least. Our wedding

party was worried that the picture process was going to be stressful, however, that could

not have been further from the truth. Michelle was so calm and was able to capture so

many amazing photos in such a short amount of time. There were also about ten other

brides who were at Tower Grove as well, however, you would have never known from our

pictures. After the pictures it was on to the reception. ”


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The wedding day was absolutely perfect. The weather was in the mid-70s which for the

middle of June is almost unheard of in Missouri. All of the girls got ready at my mom’s

house while the boys got ready at Thomas and I’s house.  The ceremony was perfect. As I walked hand in hand down the aisle with my dad

an indescribable feeling of love and happiness just took over. It is amazing to be

surrounded by all of our family and friends who came together to celebrate the love

between us. After the ceremony we went to Tower Grove Park to take our wedding

photos. ”

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” The ambiance of our wedding reception was the perfect fairytale with a blend of elegance

and romance. We also wanted to incorporate the theme of black, blush and bling. With all

of the drapery and custom chandeliers it created a dreamlike setting. The cocktail hour

was hosted in a tent outside of the venue with draping, 24 black lantern chandeliers and

black sequin linens. Later in the night we flipped the tent to a cigar lounge. Inside the

reception we installed 24 crystal chandeliers, four giant custom draped chandeliers which

perfectly matched the linens, 13 custom-made lines, custom table caps, and beautiful

floral arrangements. ”

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“When Thomas and I saw the reception venue for the first time it was honestly everything we dreamed of and so much

more. Tiffany and Amanda were able to take our concepts, illustrations and thoughts and

turn them into reality.”

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“When we first started thinking about planning the wedding my mom and I were

determined we could do it ourselves. However as time went on we realized we could plan

it, but would end up spending a lot of money and probably would not get our desired

results. So we enlisted the help of Tiffany and Amanda from Events Luxe and that was

the best decision we made. From the moment we started working with them, I was never

stressed, worried or concerned that I wouldn’t have the wedding of my dreams.”

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“Our overall feeling at the end of the day was complete joy, excitement and love. Honestly

words cannot describe how perfect it was. The only thing I can say is that it was honestly

a dream come true day. The best day of our lives!”

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I love this shot Stephen got of the first dance.

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“We had a custom flower wall with 700 handmade paper flowers that

displayed the seating chart and then later in the reception it was used as a photo

backdrop. Our food was organized in a station format with two pairing stations as well.

We also had an ice sculpture of our initials and our wedding cake feature nearly 5,000

crystals and a ruffle in the back which tied into the table linens”

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