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This wedding was so fun- Katie and Phil had it on Derby Day so we made sure to wear special Derby Hats to shoot in! The ceremony was held at Katie’s parents front yard with hay bales for seating. Katie’s mom’s house is full of memorabilia of the kids growing up and I loved coming back to it after seeing it at Christine’s wedding last year! Katie did so much DIY for her wedding, she has a saying, “Go Big or Go Home!”. Below are her words of the wedding day…

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Allure Bridal – Clarice’s Bridal (4627 Hampton Ave, St. Louis, MO 63109 (314) 351-2499)


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Hair – Salon One Six One/Charlie Martin ( 2758 Lafayette Ave, St. Louis, MO 63104 (314) 952-7530)

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The meeting part is short and sweet, Katie & Phil lucked out meeting on Match.com.
Katie gave the website a go and after the initial 3 months were up her account auto renewed (naturally). Not even a week later her inbox had a message from Phil that she couldn’t let get by. Weeks of inboxing each other, then Facebook messaging each other, then hour long phone calls followed by an unnecessary amount of daily texts back and fourth and there they were  inseparable.  On a side note, Phil had not been on Match long before coming across Katie’s profile. Before messaging Katie he made sure to get his profile in ship shape to match hers with pictures and stories to read. Because obviously you don’t respond to Match messages from people with empty profiles. 😉 After their first date at Sasha’s Wine Bar they both knew that something was different, in the very best of ways.

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Through all of 2013 and up until the summer of 2014 Katie and Phil were very busy with weddings of friends and family members. They thought they’d wait out the list of Save the Dates before finding the time to work on their own.
The first weekend of April Katie packed her bags and bridesmaids dress to fly off to North Carolina to stand by her friend Anastasia as she said ‘I do’. Because Katie & Caitlin decided to tackle this one sans their men Phil had some alone time back in St. Louis. Not 24 hours after Katie was gone Phil found himself at Shane Co. where he only wanted to start discussing ring options. Hours later he walked out of there with a ring.  Things were perfectly normal the next few weeks while the ring sat in a box hidden in the living room, waiting for the right time and place.
On Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Phil decided to head on over to the Labruyere abode and ask Katie’s parents for her hand in marriage after work. He then met up with his friend Jeff at Soha and started gabbing about the ring. Meanwhile Katie was waiting in line at Perennial with Nathan and Gen to get their hands on some Side Project beers for Nate. They got their beers, had some beers and then decided to go meet up with Phil and Jeff. A little bit later the crew wound up at Nathans to share another beer. Minutes before getting ready to head out Katie commented on how their dog, Cara, was going to be jealous that they were around her cousin, Buddy. Phil followed up commenting on how she was going to be extra jealous of him because he had been around two cousins, Buddy AND Eddie. Katie and Gen went on with grabbing their coats and Nathan threw up an eyebrow. Nervous Phil rushed home while racking his brain on what to do and to do is asap! Phil was freaking out that Katie picked up on the drop of Eddie’s name (Katie’s parents dog), but she didn’t! When home Katie started working on some dinner since both of their stomachs were growling. For anyone that has known Katie since she was the ripe age of a few days old, you don’t mess with her when she is hungry. Phil did though, and it was the best thing that ever happened.

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Here’s kind of how it went:
Katie making panini’s.
Phil pacing around and Katie not noticing.
Phil asked Katie to come take a seat at the kitchen table and immediately Katie got nervous.
Yada, yada, yada, something about talking about Eddie earlier, Katie asking if Eddie died and Phil calming her with a quick no and to listen up.
Something about starting our life together at our house and then voila! Diamonds! Tears, and a speechless Katie (very very rare), and then a Yes! Then champagne followed by dozens of phone calls.

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The planning process was a day by day thing. We knew some things we liked, some things we wanted and some things we had to have. We also stayed on the same page of what gets done gets done and the wedding will go on however. My Mom and I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and I was raised on DIY projects. I knew that if I saw something I liked that we’d be making it ourselves, which made everything all that much more amazing and every last detail had extreme meaning to us. Throughout the engagement and planning Phil and I wanted to do our best to remain calm and have fun. We knew everything would get done and that we’d have the most perfect Derby Day once we got there. We had some crazy days, but it all came together.  All of the decor was pulled from my Mom’s house, my house, garage sales and my husbands and fathers work benches.


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I can honestly say that I don’t think we experienced a single obstacle that we had to overcome. If such a thing did occur it was oblivious to Phil and I. 🙂
One of the biggest highlights of the day (other then Phil and I saying I Do for the rest of our lives) was our trip to the horse races Fairmount Park. The staff and guests were beyond our expectations and I consider Phil and I to be super lucky to have got to experience what we did. Standing in the winner’s circle just a few feet from the track kissing my new husband was truly something else. The winning jockey and his wife gifted us their trophy and absolutely made our day. The whole wedding party seemed to be loving our experience at the tracks and I can not wait to see how those pictures turned out.

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Our wedding day was by far the very best day of my life, no doubt. I’ve been a part of a dozen weddings and received loads of advice from my married friends. I was told over and over again to enjoy every minute and not to let the day slip by. Thanks to this advice I took time outs throughout the day to reconfirm with Phil how perfectly amazing every detail was, how beautiful everything and everyone was and how this was our special day. That it was finally here and we loved it. I’ve asked myself if there is anything I would change looking back on the day, the weekend, the everything and I simply can’t think of one thing that needed changing. We lucked out with the most gorgeous weather on the most beautiful lawn where I spent my childhood playing. I consider myself one heck of a lucky bride. Everything was beyond my imagination and the word ‘perfect’ hardly does the day justice.

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The ambiance of all things wedding was ‘Katie & Phil’. We’ve both been told by so many of our guests since the big day that every last detail screamed us. This is such a huge compliment to us and exactly what we wanted.
Everything was comfortable. Flowers and prints were in abundance and our guests killed it with their outfits making the overall decor with them in it all that more perfect. I aimed for an overall romantic and classic feel to most all angles of our wedding. There were so many special touches that I am sure 99% of our guests never even noticed, but it was Phil and I who they all mattered the most to. I had my grandma’s pictures on my bouquet, my Mom’s veil from her wedding, my grandma’s lace wrapped around all of the bouquets and the boutonnieres, our memorial candle lighting and pictures of our passed loved ones, dried flowers from previous weddings I was part of in the bouquets, match books on the cocktail tables to represent us meeting on Match.com and just enough Kentucky Derby touches to keep it classy and not scream we love horses.  Not having my grandparents around for such an important day was hard but I think we made them all proud and felt their presence with all of the ways we included them.

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McArthur’s Bakery – (3055 Lemay Ferry Rd, St. Louis, MO 63125 (314) 894-0900)

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At the end of the day Phil and I were on cloud 9, we still are. We capped the reception on the dance floor with all of our loved ones and then followed some of them back to iTap for a night cap. Most of the looking back on our special day didn’t happen until the day after, but I can guarantee that Phil and I felt happy, excited, thankful, blessed, honored and lucky. Everyone around us made sure that we felt special all day and we spent the entire day hearing compliments on how everyone loved every last detail surrounding the ceremony and reception.

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