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Katie and Kevin part two | Wine Country Gardens


Katie says, “Kevin and I met at a music festival in 2010 through mutual friends. We left without exchanging phone numbers and saw each other at a few shows throughout the year. We ran into each other again at the same festival in 2011 and Kevin made sure to get my phone number. We quickly became inseparable and were best friends… four years later we were married!”



Katie says, “It did start to rain immediately before our wedding which was slightly stressful because our ceremony was supposed to be outside (we did have a back up plan but of course did not want to use it). My dad continued to watch the weather radar and we delayed our wedding by about 15 minutes. After that 15 minutes, the rain cleared and the sun came out. The rain turned out to be a blessing because it cooled down the temperature and everything had beautiful color.”


“Kevin and I went to Florida with my family and unbeknownst to me he had a ring with him and had already asked my dad permission. He was very persistent about us having a “date night” alone that week. He took me to a nice restaurant and afterwards we went to walk on a pier to watch the sunset. That is when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes and in my excitement started jumping up and down (which had him worried that I would knock the ring into the ocean). We then went back to the beach house where my parents were waiting with wine. There were many happy tears and we got to call everyone together.”




Katie says, “The wedding planning process was surprisingly simple. My mom, sister in law , and mother in law were a tremendous help and everything fell into place perfectly. We fell in love with the first venue we saw (which only had one date left open), our amazing photographer was open that day, we used the first bakery we tried, I bought one of the first dresses I saw in the store, and our florist was extremely helpful and gave me flowers every time we met. Kate was brilliant at hair and makeup and did exactly what I had envisioned. We made all of the decorations and my bridesmaids were there to help me throughout the process. Kevin was able to book the band we wanted (which was a wonderful decision!).”



Becky calls this one the ‘Princess Bride’ shot.


“Kevin and I did not see each other on our wedding day until I walked down the aisle. I remember being excited, nervous, and most of all I remember feeling so much love from each person at our wedding. Kevin looked extremely handsome and our wedding went perfectly. My grandfather was the officiant which made it even more special. We had a cocktail hour in between and a band played (which everyone said they loved). The dinner was delicious, the weather was perfect (the wedding was outside) and there were twinkling lights everywhere. We had a band play the reception and almost every single person was on the dance floor. Having all of our favorite people in the same place, exuberating love, was by far the best part. Kevin and I felt so blessed throughout the day and it really was beyond perfect.”



Cake by J. Noto Bakery, (636) 949-0800



“Our wedding felt enchanting and romantic. It was outside and Wine Country Gardens had twinkling lights throughout the property. We used a “vintage meets boho” theme and our colors were gray and white with a hint of mint. Our decorations were kept very simple because of the beauty of the venue and we used white roses, baby’s breath, and stock for the bouquets and table settings. We also had pictures of our grandparent’s weddings and parent’s weddings by our cake table which was a special touch.”










“We were both a mix of exhausted and excited at the end of the wedding day and did not want it to be over. Having everyone around us, supporting us, and showing us immense love was a wonderful feeling. Being married to my best friend was the most wonderful part of the whole day. It was the best day of both of our lives thus far and we were so thankful to everyone who came.”










The band was The People’s Key.


My favorite shot of the night! We went out in a dark field and Rae held the flash, Becky danced around with the sparkler and I pressed the shutter.






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