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“Bob and I met online, our first meeting was at Robust Wine Bar in Webster Groves and then quickly followed by our first date at Cucina Pazzo in the Central West End. We both knew something was different and since that first date, we haven’t been apart. That was August 23, 2014.”

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“We were able to take a few photos with my dog, Luke, which really made the afternoon of photos even more special. ”

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Luke is such a handsome animal!

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“Bob took me to dinner on New Year’s Eve at Bar Les Freres where he surprised me with a great bottle of wine that he brought with him. He had told me that he had a surprise that evening, and I thought it was the wine. All during dinner we reminisced about 2014 and our few months of dating. After dinner, Bob blindfolded me and took me on a drive around town finally ending at my parents home. There he (along with my family) and prepared a candlelight entryway, words spelled out in candles by the fireplace, Will You Marry Me. Our song by Coldplay was playing in the back ground and my sister was taking photos from the balcony upstairs. I of course said yes and then he told me he had one more surprise, a New Year’s Eve party with our family and close family friends. At midnight we had a small firework display in the backyard…true family tradition. It was a night to remember, surrounded by so many that we love.”

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“Our goal for the reception was for it to feel warm and romantic, Pride and Prejudice meets Great Gatsby; literary and wine infused theme without being over the top. This was a Black Tie Requested wedding and everyone had fun partaking in the finery. To accomplish the romantic feel we added candlelight, elegant flowers (white, ivory, blush and soft green), ivory and gold linens with black napkins. To make the day more personal we had notes to each table introducing strangers or thanking guests and family for sharing our day, and table numbers made from books and the number reflecting a date in our dating relationship and a description on the opposite page. Our Guestbook was a wine barrel from Cuba, MO (to tie in Bob’s deceased grandparents) and enough room for people to write us a little note; sparkling wine corks for our place cards from winery in Michigan that I love, Cigar table for after dinner, wedding cake with book script on it, grooms cake as a stack of books with the Bible on top opened up to Chapter 2. In the cocktail room we had books made into letters spelling out “Renaud” on one fireplace and “R&J” on the other fireplace. We had a “heaven” table showing all those that we loved that couldn’t join us that day. My bouquet had a small charm with a photo of my Guth Grandparents in it, both are no longer with us.”

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“Once we decided on a St. Louis Wedding and the dress was purchased, the planning began. We had thought about a Southern Destination Wedding and found so many traditions that we would love to incorporate in our Missouri wedding. With the elements in place – the date picked, church secured, and Club booked all other elements quickly fell into place.  We did several DIY projects for the wedding, book table numbers, sparkling wine cork place cards, put the programs together and tied them ourselves, wrote notes to each table thanking them for joining us, overall we tried to personalize the wedding as much as possible. Out of town guests had reusable totes waiting for them when they checked in as well. We wanted to have elements from the states we have lived represented at our wedding – succulents to represent Arizona, Sparking Line to represent Michigan, and I wore cowboy boots for the Father Daughter Dance to representing Texas.”



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We had about five minutes before the sky opened up and rain came down.

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The rain started coming down once Bob started to dig up the bourbon!

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“We buried a bottle of Bourbon a month before the wedding to “ensure good weather on our wedding day.” Although it did rain, we had a magical wedding day.”

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“We had rain off and on the entire day. I left my veil and the charm with my Grandparent Guth’s photo (for my bridal bouquet) in my room. We had to find two separate people to save the day and go to my room prior to making their way to the church. We were digging up the bourbon and it started to pour, the guys were great sports but we girls and the junior attendants had to leave.”

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“The food was amazing! Guests were welcomed to the cocktail hour with two signature drinks, Hers – Champagne or His – The Presbyterian by Juniper; and appetizers including a pulled pork on a cheddar biscuit slider, tomato bruschetta with a prosciutto pinwheel on top, spanakopita, and mini Beef Wellingtons. Dinner started with a champagne vinaigrette salad, followed by beef tenderloin and airline chicken with asparagus and roasted potatoes. For dessert we had four flavors of wedding cake – Lemon Raspberry, Red Velvet, German Chocolate and Marble chocolate (guests were asked to choose their flavor). As a parting gift, each family was given a brown paper wrapped book (written by Bob). The final send off was a sparkler exit.

The ability to have so many people together in one room that we cherish and love was the most memorable moment for the two of us. Three of our grandparents were able to attend the wedding and we will cherish that fact forever.”

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“My sister sang the song for our first dance, Golden by Lady Antebellum. That was one of my favorite moments.”

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“At the end of the day we simple felt joyful. We could feel the joy in the day, the laughter and love from our friends and family. There isn’t a moment we would undo, God joined our hands and our souls on May 30, 2015 and the outpouring of love and support could be felt by all.”

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At the end of the evening we did a sparkler shot out on the green. It was perfect!

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“Michelle and her team were absolutely incredible! Both Bob and I loved working with all of them, felt very comfortable with the photographers from the start. Michelle is someone you would want to always be friends with, and a great person to share so many forever memories for the first time. She kept us on schedule as she said she would, and we were even running early in some circumstances. Overall, it was an awesome experience.”
  • Town & Country Bridal Boutique, 8809 Ladue Road, St. Louis MO 63124, 314.863.7200 (Designer is Agusta Jones)
  • Poppies Design Studio, 126 S Main Street, Columbia IL; 618.281.7091
  • The Happy Bakery; 103 Main Street, O’Fallon IL 62269; 314.660.6091
  • Downtime Productions, LLC; PO Box 435060, St. Louis MO 63143; 314.452.2848
  • Hair -Sheri Creamer and Gina with Dominic Michael Salon; Makeup (only a couple and not me) – Katrina from West County MAC
    Videographer– Jimmy Wildermann, Captured in Frames
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