Frequently Asked Questions

What is your photography style?


Photojournalism with a modern glamor bent. I focus on three main aspects during your session/wedding: 1) Fleeting moments: expertly predicting moments before they happen and framing them in a pleasing way, 2) Timeless portraits: thoughtfully posed, beautifully lit traditional looking-at-the-camera images, and 3) Details: Pinterest-worthy closeups of the things most important to you. I am VERY laid back, versatile, and not afraid to get dirty for the perfect shot. I shoot in the rain and snow and it doesn’t bother me one bit!


Will you send an associate photographer to my wedding?

I am ALWAYS the main photographer- if you hire me, you get me! I draw from an incredible talented pool of photographers around Saint Louis to be your second photographer. I also bring an assistant to help with lighting and computer gear.

Can you hold our date?

Dates may be held with a contract and $1000 retainer only.

Are you available for travel?

Travel within a 60 mile radius of 63376 is free- travel outside of that circle will incur a $1.20 per mile travel fee up to 200 miles. Events further than 200 miles will be given a custom quote with airfare and lodging included.

Should I give you a shot list?

If it puts you at ease, go for it! I especially like to see things on it that have sentimental value. Now, with my ten years of experience, I don’t NEED a shot list, but if you are a list-making person, I welcome it!

May I share my Pinterest board with you?

By all means! I do use the board as inspiration only and do not replicate shots. Keep in mind that many Pinterest wedding pins are from styled shoots with infinite resources and time in which to shoot them. The best advice I have is to look through my portfolio and if you love it, then relax and trust me to give you unique, unforgettable images.

Do you include the digital files?

All wedding clients get their high resolution files on a jump drive available one month after their wedding at our Reveal Party. Portrait clients may purchase individual or whole sets of digital files- or receive them for free once they have purchased a print package $1000 or more.  I highly recommend printing anything 5×7 and larger through my studio, as I lovingly retouch every print and canvas that goes out. For 5×7 and smaller prints, I recommend MPIX.

What is a Reveal Party?

One month after your wedding, or one week after your portrait session, I have you over to my home for a slideshow of images. We can relive your wedding day or session, place additional orders at deeply discounted rates, and take home your digital files.

What happens if it rains on my wedding day?


Rain offers a spontaneous, fun element in your photos that is impossible to replicate. I love rainy day photos. For portrait sessions, we can reschedule at the client’s discretion. For weddings, I recommend getting umbrellas for yourself and the wedding party and letting go of any expectations you may have of the perfect sunny day photo. I am very versatile in my approach and have an arsenal of equipment at my disposal to make the best of an easy, sunny day or a stressful, time-crunched pouring rain one.

May I add on products or services after I book?

Of course, but there are two times where the products and services are discounted and it makes sense to place your order then- at booking time and at the Reveal Party.

How many images do you take?

You will receive about 60-80 images per hour of coverage.

Can you Photoshop my back fat?


Every image you see on my website, and all your digital images you receive have been color and density corrected. I pride myself in posing my clients well and showing you in your best light. Any print or canvas purchased through the studio will get an extra level of retouching, where I remove dark circles under eyes, shine on the face, and the dreaded back fat.

How long do you keep the images?

I store your images until I deliver the high resolution jump drive or wedding album to the client. Portrait session files are deleted after the Reveal Party.

Am I expected to tip my photographer?

The best ‘tip’ a photographer can get is a nice hot meal at the reception. We work very hard and it helps fuel us to continue to do a great job! The best way to get on your photographer’s good side is to let them eat what the guests are eating. It’s a small act of kindness that goes a very long way.





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