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Engagement season is here! So many people pop the question during the holidays and my days are filled with potential new client meetings.  I’ve compiled a few FAQ’s and a few inspiration pieces to help you plan your engagement session so it goes smoothly.

An engagement session is the perfect time to also have a hair/makeup trial done earlier in the day.

Over all, make sure your clothing reflects YOU. Wear something you would wear out on a date and something that reflects your personality. Make sure you feel comfortable moving around in your outfit. Katie and Kevin have a bohemian vibe going on here, which totally suits them!


A huge hit with my clients are a pairing of dresses and boots. We tend to go traipsing about the countryside and have been known to climb over some brush to get to those REALLY sweet spots. This is a good look that is both feminine and practical. dressyKatie had a fun little dress and we tracked through the underbrush a bit to find this spot.

0002A dark, long sleeve look is best as it draws attention to your face and features. When you bring your fancy high heels to show off those legs, make sure to also pack some flip flops so you can be comfortable walking from spot to spot! Statement necklaces and scarves are always great too as I do a lot of closeups. Make sure to take those hair bands off your wrists before the session! I know I always forget mine are on.

swing dress

Jenna’s dress is PERFECT to draw attention to the most important thing… her lovely face! Shorter sleeves tend to accentuate the upper arm, which competes for attention. If you think about it when posing, put your weight on your back leg and angle your front foot toward me. This slims your silhouette. You’ll also want to dip your chin a little out and down, or think about bringing your forehead to the camera to define your jaw. If you forget, that’s okay! That’s what I am there for! I think about all the little things that make you look your best and will give you little cues if I can tell you are uncomfortable or don’t know what to do.


Men are easy- a classic oxford or a plaid works very well. Make sure the plaid isn’t too busy, we want the attention to be on you!tommy-hilfiger-blue-custom-fit-oxford-shirt-product-1-16150339-0-317273670-normal_large_flex Solid colors work very well. This cobalt blue looks fabulous on Jennifer.  0003

Little detailing can make an image special, like the lace on Mallory’s sleeves. My personal favorite images are always the ones where you aren’t perfectly posed and are laughing naturally and having a good time. It’s my ‘wabi-sabi’ theme that comes through, the conglomeration of little details that make you unique. 0004

A cowl neck is one of my personal favorites. Flattering on everyone!0005

Now sometimes I will ask you to lay down in the grass. I love intimate images like these and sometimes you get a little messy doing it! We are very active during my engagement sessions to keep the mood light and spontaneous. 0006


I hope this helps you plan your session and it goes terrifically!

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