Charlie dances with his daughters | Westborough Country Club


It was a quiet Spring evening as I pulled up, and Lola the giant dog greeted me as I walked to the front door.

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Maren picked out a special necklace for her big night.

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Dad Charlie came out to see the girls all dressed up. He moved stiffly but had a huge smile on his face.
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Charlie has a terminal brain tumor and will most likely not be able to see his daughters Zoe and Maren down the aisle when they grow up and get married in the next decade. Annie’s hope put on a special father daughter dance just for this sweet family so the girls can experience getting dressed up and having that special dinner and dance with their dad to remember for years to come.

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Charlie only has the use of one hand but he was able to slip the girl’s corsages on expertly.

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Maren always watches over her dad. He falls easily, so she keeps an eye out for him when he crosses the street.
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The girls had their pick of their favorite dinner and they chose a burger and chicken fingers, a typical 9 and 13 year old palate! Mike Bush came from KSDK and the girls were starstruck.

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Mike spent a few minutes interviewing Charlie- he was very kind and compassionate. See their story Sunday at 10 on Channel 5- part of their uplifting news segment Making a Difference.

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Finally the girls were able to dance with Charlie. He twirled them and swayed.

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It was over too soon. Such a touching tribute to a wonderful dad!



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